What kind of inks do you use for canvas prints?

We use pigmented inks which provide not only better display permanence than the dye-based inks you get in most inkjet printers, but also have better water-fastness and humidity-fastness.


What printer do we use?

We use Epson 9900 44" Stylus Pro printers. These are guaranteed to produce prints that will last for 100 years without fading.

The Epson 9900 can print up to 44’’ wide on a 40-foot long roll. In addition we can print on photo paper and fine art paper



What kind of canvas do you use?

We use the Epson canvas and breathing color canvas. Each print is then protected with a topcoat product to give additional protection to your canvas print to further protect it from scratching, fingerprints, or smudging.


How long will it take for my canvas art to be printed

It usually takes about 4 to 5 business days after receiving your order confirmation. If it will take longer we will let you know before proceeding.


Do you print on canvas without the frame

We can print out just the canvas and roll it up to send to you.


Do you do multi-panel canvas prints/frames?

Yes, we do. For Multi-Panel Canvas orders, please provide details and the original artwork/photo. If you can use photo editing software you can create a file for each panel and email them to us . Or you can send us the photo by email with instructions . These will be quoted separately.


How do I take care of my Giclée canvas print?

1. Do not display them where direct sunlight or reflected light from mirrors can reach them .

2. Avoid moisture and direct heat sources e.g. radiator, fireplace

3. Clean periodically with a soft feather duster over the front to remove settled dust.

4. Do not use using any liquids, chemical or spray products to clean your canvas.


How heavy are the finished products?

Finished 36"x24" canvas frames using 1 ½ “ wooden bars will weight approximately: 3.75 lb or 1.5 KG


Can I email my image to you as an attachment? 

Yes, it is possible to submit images via email. We can accept images to a maximum of 25 MB in either Jpeg or TIFF formats.


 I have an old photo that I want restored and put on canvas. Can you do that?

Basic restoration can be done for free. If more work is required then we may charge extra. We will contact you and agree on a price before we start. Hair , dust marks and scratches on you picture we will contact you before starting to make sure that you want them removed.


What canvas print sizes do you offer?

\We can print up to 64" wide on a 40' roll. If you would like your Canvas Print created in a different size then please contact us for a quotation. 


 What is so special about a canvas print? 

The natural texture, depth and brilliance of a canvas print is unique. Unlike a regular print on flat paper, the textured surface of canvas reflects light in different directions, giving it a wonderful depth in appearance. Canvas doesn't need to be framed with protective glass so the image can be seen clearly without bothersome glares. Canvas prints are also tougher and far more durable than paper prints. 


What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Debit Cards, PayPal and personal cheques. For details visit this page: Payment Methods


Is there a minimum quantity that I have to order? 



Are there any copyright restrictions on printing? 

We can process an image if you

  • Own the copyright

  • Have written permission from the owner of the copyright

  • or it is in the public domain. 

However we are not responsible for any issues that arise due to copyright issues with your image.


What kind of stretcher bars do you use?

We use 1.75 " depth wooden stretcher bars.


What is gallery wrap? 

Gallery wrap is the process of wrapping the printed canvas around a custom-made wooden stretcher bar frame for a clean, modern look. The canvas is wrapped around and secured to the stretcher bar frame at the back of the piece, so that staples and other attachments are not visible from the front or side.


Will the colors on my canvas print be the same as what I see on my monitor? 

We do our best but unfortunately we can not guarantee an exact color match as on-screen colors will vary depending on your monitor settings.